Thursday, 8 September 2011

Werd - Remix EP (Inter-Review)

Today on Scotland Standup we speak with Werd about his new Remix EP featuring production from some fine producers.

We have a chat about the remixes and the stories behind the original tracks so let's get into this.

We start with:


1. Mad World (David Ross Remix)

Werd: The original for this track was done in 2008 but released in 2009 on my first solo mixtape. Deeko features on the track, and was always a favourite of people from us. Really stayed strong and still receive great feedback from the original. I think such a popular track was a great choice to remix. The remix is relaxed, bringing a chilled vibe to a track which really makes it sound like some 90’s stuff in my view.

SSU: You know what I really like this the vibe has calmed down a lot, which gives the track a totally different feel, Was the beat specifically designed around the Accapella for this? although the original version i feel is better as i like the more hyped style you boys had in that this a great wee remix from David who as far as i know is relatively new to the scene. Boy done a great job here. Will you be working more with David in the future?

Werd: Deff will work with David in future, this was the first material I really heard from him, not sure how he made it myself, but looking forward to doing somthing original with him also.


2. Stuck In The System (Toni Smoke Remix)

Werd: Stuck in the system was also from my first solo release, the track has been remixed a few times but this was the one chosen for the remix ep. Toni has brought some more relaxed vibes to a somewhat aggressive track changing its mood yet keeping the message strong... I like the sorta West-coast soundin’ syth that comes in now and then.. if that’s the word... Im not a producer myself.

SSU: This is another chilled out version of a hyped track, and any track that challenges "The System" I'm down for haha. Did you re-record for Toni's version?. It's maybe just me but i think it sounds different. But your right the wee west coast synth is dope, I again prefer the original because of the more hyped sound you had but this is a worthy contender for my favourite remix track on this EP.

Werd: No its the same vocals... it does sound differnt your right, but I guess thats what Toni has done, changed it beyound recognition... thats a good thing.


3. The Internet (Steg G Remix)

Werd: Track remixed by Steg G, brings more of a bounce to the track, tightens up the production and gives it that extra kick, somewhat crazy theme park sound comes to mind when I hear it. The song itself is comical, tongue in cheek diss to people that live online, so the animated beat suits the tone of the track.

SSU: Ah now this is officially my favourite remix, i loved "The Internet" when it first came oot was funny lots of hardware and internet based jokes and comparisons which were great. Did you take a while writing this? The remix adds that extra element of comedy and Steg's production work on this is immense he really has taken care in designing the beat around the entire concept, That Tuba (I think) is a killer and really elevates it, overall dope remix.

Werd: Not that I can remeber, think with tracks like this its easy to think of punchlines related to all the computer stuff, just by chance you think of the concept, once you have that it kinda just flows from there.


4. A Good Rhyme ft Wardie Burns (Big Div Remix)

Werd: First off, don’t get confused, its DJ Premier beat, Big Div takes our vocals, mixes them up as he does... this featured on his SPL tape along with other Scottish acts. Legend beat, hard to say anything else, some of it doesn’t match the existing flow correctly... but its not a beat that was worked around the vocals, it’s a remix so we can expect that.

SSU: Instantly noticeable as a Premo beat, and of course the SPL Mixtape can be downloaded HERE. Not much you can really say about a Premo beat really, as they're so legendary but Div done a great job of compiling it all together. You do notice the flow going a bit wrong at times, but other than that great job.


5. Mixed Nation (Savage Sound System Remix)

Werd: This was originally done on a existing mainstream beat, it had Indian vocals and just seemed to fall in place about our country being a mixed nation... it had a strong message, and the stuff I do with Savage Sound is similar so it was the prefect track to mix by Alexis... the main reason, we rock this live, and trust people love it, its one for the non-hip hop heads as well, as iv experienced from indie gigs with SSS.

SSU: The fucking BASS is all i can say there such a crunchy sound man, and with the element of actual instrumentation brings. Obviously the original beat fit more with the concept as you said. This version on the other hand is an absolute stomper. Have you had any hate from the BNP because of this?

Werd: Haha... yes, I have had a number of messages on youtube both comments and privatly. Im glad it caused debate... but I think if someone supports such an idiotic group then you cant take them seriously... I also dont message back, I dont need to, as people already got it covered.


6. Untiltled ft Deeko & ZA (Frietboer Remix)

Werd: This is heavy... this beat I could listen to on repeat without it being a remix, just instrumental. However it is a remix and good one, the rap vocals are better suited than ZA’s signing on the new beat, but as a whole, I think it works well... it will wake you up anyway.

SSU: Definetely a wake up call beat man, it's loud, thick and definetely attracts your attention. I see what you mean about ZA'S singing though, never really noticed before. But i don't think it's a huge problem still sound's ok i think. Can you tell the people a bit more about Frietboer?

Werd: Frietboer is a Dutch producer. First connected me and soon as I heard his beats knew I had to rock some. He bring BIG bass, and his drum kicks are banging on whatever he does. One to watch, give him a search online, you wont be disapointed.


7. Put It Doon ft Wardie Burns (UVBeatz Mix)

Werd: One of my tongue in cheek songs again, vocals point fun at others and ask why they bother, the UV-Beat really gives it a boost, and doesn’t overpower but compliment the existing vocals. It’s a punch-line track, and Riddlahs punched in a brilliant beat for it.

SSU: UV Beatz always comes with the goods innit. Some heavy drums which seems to be a trademark of UV, the piano stabs just add that bit extra to it aswell. Compliment's the track tenfold i feel.

8. Jay2Bee, Priceless ft Werd - Betty Boo (DJ Bizz Mix)

Werd: Chances are you didn’t hear the original, it was feature on a German tape and played live by Bizz (Berlin) in a few clubs he DJ’s at. The mix was his idea, getting Scottish and English together for the remix... I hadn’t promo’d it myself, and thought its worth getting out there.

SSU: Aye hadn't heard the original so i dont have a comparison for this, but overall sounds like something you would definetely hear in a club. Well made track. How did you get intouch with Bizz and Jay2Bee?

Werd: Again it was people getting in touch with me, I tend to not ask for much, so most things are people connecting with me and Im always open to work with new people. DJ Bizz was first in touch because he wanted a copy of my 'When I Grow Up' Remix in high quality as he is a club DJ in Berlin. We kept in touch and few months later asked me to get on this, I wrote and recorded to a different beat than the final outcome, hense a justified remix.

SSU: Is there any tracks that you want to have remixed in your collection that you've maybe forgotten about? And are you gonna do another one?

Werd: Well I give producers the choice of what they want to remix and it goes from there, so really anything could come. If people continue to remix our work, then I expect we will have a similar project in future. Im thankful for these producers showing SOS support and getting involved, I normally work pretty hard on releases myself, however all I needed to do here was send off acapella’s... so all credit to the producers, its their release. Big up Scottish hip hop music. Thanks for the inter-review Scuba.

That was a conversation with myself and Werd, i wanna thank him first off for taking time out to do this, and may there be many more inter-reviews to come.

So go download the discussed EP via the links provided and support Scottish Hip Hop.


DJ Scuba Steve