Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lyrical Rebels (Artist Spotlight)

Lyrical Rebels are a musical group that originates from the Southside Streets of Glasgow Scotland.

They are providing a wide variety of music, ranging from traditional rap songs to deep stories portraying the rawest of human needs and emotions. They are aiming to release something that everyone can relate to regardless of their preference in music.

The group was originally formed in 2006 by Hash and Bigz with an estimated number of 30 members to begin with. With time the group gradually broke out in numbers leaving the group with a remainder of 4 members (Bigz, Hash, Khaz and Nakaray) who then went onto establishing themselves In venues such as ; Carling Academy, Glasgow Mela 07 & 10, Ibrox Stadium, Crown Plaza Hotel, 1st place winners for talent show in Springburn and many more.
Slowly due to demotivation and lack of passion for the music the group was then broke down even further with Bigz andKhaz leaving. Not too long later it was joined by good friend of both artists Waqi. Due to motivational issues the group started experiencing various difficulties when recording and writing and due to conflicts of interests and musical creativity, the group was then left with only 2 artist out of the estimated 30 (Waqi and Hash).

Currently they have been constantly working in the studio towards making their motive come true despite a lot of people doubting including past members of Lyrical Rebels itself. 

At present they are working towards their first official single and then their first official album and also their own Youtube Program.

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