Friday, 17 June 2011

Dead Set Gemini - Get Wrecked (Music Video)

Most 'Urban' videos set in a club environment these days incorporate 'Bling Culture' with hired models, champagne flowing and a general sense of falseness that is frankly fooling no one. For 'Dead Set Gemini' the video 'Get Wrecked' documents a night out on the town Cinéma vérité style, or in their case consuming lots of alcohol and turned up at a club with a camera and proceeding to consume lots more alcohol, this is the result...

'Get Wrecked' is taken from the free EP 'Music For Spaceships' produced by Show N Prove. The EP version of the track also features a guest verse from Big Dada artist 'Bang On!' who wasn't available for the video as he was in Ibiza getting wrecked.
Download 'Music For Spaceships' for free at Here

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