Monday, 27 June 2011

A buncha Cloud's

I'd love to make this a weekly section, plus a few soundcloud players on a page look fair braw.

Here we go

All of these tracks are dope, i get sent alot of stuff, so i've sifted through the general cack, and posted up the goodies.

If you feel i've missed anything please get in touch.

Tek & Werd - Its Just Fun (Beat by Adam Holmes) by Teknizzle

Whats Up? Skirts Up! by R.i.P

Donnie C feat Mog - The Shakes Say by Donnie C

Wardie Burns - A Minute On The Clock ft Werd ( Prod. Mick B Productions ) by MB-Productions

The Way It Is (Feat Becca Starr) by Kay & Umashin


Ok to be fair this next track is not a soundcloud but had to post it. Really likin this dudes stuff.

One To Watch maybe folks