Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Project: Auld Reekie 2

'Project: Auld Reekie 2' from Sons of Scotland/Burgh Records showcases rap from the city of Edinburgh aka Auld Reekie. Released 12th May 2011.

CD features Werd from Sons of Scotland, and also contains various colabs and extra tracks from Auld Reekie artists including; Riddlah, Wardie Burns, Madhat, Nostal, Jordan Butler, MMA, DSG + More. Vocal production by Drew Devine with instrumentals provided from UV Beatz, Nostal, Cbas, Frietboer, Konchis, Father Jack, Loaded (Norway) + More.

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01. Intro
02. Wardie Burns, Bankz, Butler, Riddlah, Wilbee, Werd - Six 16's
03. Werd n Deeko ft Zambian Astronaut - Untitled
04. Werd, Nity Gritz, Wardie Burns - Edinburgh Creed
05. Nostal, Werd, Wardie Burns - Back In The Day
06. Phone Skit - Vagabond Pizza
07. Sinna, Madhat, Werd, Wardie Burns, Riddlah - Burgh Raps

08. Wilbee, Luck, Wardie Burns, Werd, - Sporadic
09. Ceez, Werd, Butler - Not So Tough
10. Butler, Werd, Wardie Burns - Dub Stuff
11. Werd, Madhat, Bankz - Reminisce
12. Wardie Burns, Butler, Werd - Shit Dont Stink
13. Nostal, Bankz, Wardie Burns, Werd - World's Evil
14. Han C - Skit
15. Werd, Nity Gritz, Butler, Riddlah - Need Drugs

16. Werd, Deeko, Wardie Burns - Grime EH
17. Silvertongue ft Werd & MMA - Its Hip Hop
18. Wardie Burns, Butler, Werd - Sick Division
19. Nostal, Werd, Wardie Burns - Three Styles
20. Werd, Wilbee, Riddlah, Sinna, Wardie Burns - Burgh Raps
21. Werd, Wardie Burns, Butler - Leith To Gorgie
22. Werd, Riddlah, Wilbee - Al Green Rap
23. Wardie Burns, Butler, Werd - Ventriloquist
24. DSG ft Werd - Box Of Chocolates+ Scottish HipHop Cypher Track 2011 (12 Mc's)