Thursday, 17 February 2011

Shadow People - In The Shadows (Free Download)

Here are some Word's From Toni Smoke:

I proudly present "In the Shadows" by Shadowpeople

Nity Gritz - Wee-D - Kayce 1 - R.S.T - Toni Smoke

recorded between late 2010 til jan 2011

13 tracks for free download from bandcamp 

I have enjoyed the coming together of everyone on this and feel proud we have created some good tracks and sadly might be the 1st and only Shadowpeople release as a crew due to members having more requirements of their time elsewhere at the moment.


  1. where can i download the album? can't find the link.

  2. I'm sorry if this sounds at all patronising but this is how you do it Step By Step:

    1. Click download on the player

    2. When the bandcamp page comes up click download

  3. thank :) it was a browserproblem (chrome). it didnt show the link. with the firefox it works. I'm sorry for the dumb queston.