Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I think it's time to do a feature on Kamihamiha, he aint hip hop act but he's different and connected within the hip hop scene and an all around cool guy.

Based in Kirkcaldy, Fife he describes his genre stylings as these three choices Electronica/Dance / Electro / Drum & Rape. oh yes and it certainly is a raping you get when you check his music. Wee bitta dubstep, dnb, and a wee bit of his own originality really makes him a top producer.

he is also hoping to get a band together for when he starts doing live shows but for now check out some of his abilities and musical stylings over here

Here are some words from the man himself

"First completed track for the Kamihamiha album is online now. Free streaming for all, free download if you join the mailing list!

I'll be looking for a few remixes to include as bonus tracks on the album, if any producers/DJs are interested, get in contact!"

Straight outta Galton is the track he is talking about so go get it right now folks


DJ Scuba Steve

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