Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Mog - Based On A Blue Story LP (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Artwork by TDSLR.com

Chapter 1 - Location
01. Fight Clean (prod. Bill Breaks)
02. Only Here (prod. Bill Breaks)
Chapter 2 - Perception
03. Judgement (prod. Bill Breaks)
04. B No Evil (prod. Bill Breaks)
Chapter 3 - Religion
05. Belief (prod. Bill Breaks)
06. Enlightenment (prod. Padjo)
Chapter 4 - Progression
07. Break Free (prod. Padjo)
08. SKP (prod. Padjo)
Chapter 5 - Reflection
09. Evolution (prod. Bill Breaks)
10. Dae Ye Blame Me (prod. Scatabrainz)
Chapter 6 - Expression
11. Jist Fur Fun (prod. Bill Breaks)
12. Theraputic (prod. Padjo)
Chapter 7 - Destruction
13. Paid Ur Ye Pay (prod. Ronin)
14. Kill Switch (prod. J.K.C)

Download Here


  1. one of the best albums av ever heard.. Butler

  2. One for the heads. A breathless journey through the mind of one of the best writers in hip-hop. I can't wait for the new album.

  3. He missed the 6th track... But great free download.