Wednesday, 30 June 2010

SOS / PCP @ 'Fear and Fashion Awards 2010'

Sons of Scotland (S.O.S) / Powercut Productions have been nominated for the ‘Fear and Fashion Awards 2010’ for outstanding examples of projects that have proved successful in helping young people to stop carrying and using knives. Nominations include the following projects and activities.

Awareness-raising in schools and communities
Building confidence and positive identity among young people
Empowerment and positive role models
Working with young offenders convicted of knife-related offences to change attitudes and behaviour
The use of restorative justice and restorative approaches
Reducing conflict in a structured way through mediation
Helping young people affected by gangs
Engaging with parents of young people who are carrying or using knives

Total prize money of £5,000 will be awarded, sponsored by City Bridge Trust, City Parochial Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, John Lyon’s Charity and the Wates Foundation.

(Information on SOS and Powercut’s project shown below)

Sons of Scotland / Powercut Productions:
Recently SOS worked with Leith Agency to come up with rap songs discussing the issues of knife crime. It was extremely well received and they managed to produce three CD quality music tracks and an additional remix by Glasgow’s hip hop producer and Powercut Productions owner ‘Steg G’. The project is currently released independently along with Powercut Productions in Glasgow to help tackle the growing problem of knife crime in Scotland/UK.

SOS have been contacting many youth groups/schools in Edinburgh/Glasgow and sending batches of pressed CD’s to be given out free to those interested. Because Drew Devine (Werd) also works with youth groups teaching ‘rap and lyric writing’ he is aware just how well rap music gets across to them and will is also talking about the issues at these youth groups.

CD copies are available on request. Full colour artwork on gloss paper has also been designed for the CD in jewel case slim-line format. This music has already been played on student and national radio stations such as BBC Radio 1.

Sons of Scotland / Drew Devine: Contacted first by Leith Agency to run/start the project and given brief. Using his experience in this Scottish hip-hop scene, pulled in acts to be involved in the project and used the Sons of Scotland studio to record vocals. Drew Devine attended various meetings and handled payment of additional acts on the project. Designed artwork. Lyrics written (Werd).

Wardie Burns: Scottish hip hop act features on all tracks, lyrics written (Wardie Burns). Helped the progression of audio material.

UV Beatz: All instrumentals provided. Tracks mastered and produced at UV Beatz Lab. Audio contains to samples.

Steg G (Powercut Productions): After the original three tracks, an additional remix was provided by Steg. Also helped to promote material through the labels official website and his hip-hop radio show (Sunny Govan, Glasgow). Involved in the progression of the project and currently still contacting various possible outlets.

Leith Agency: Funded the original three audio tracks.

S.O.S. publishing based in Edinburgh, Sons of Scotland work with many talent emcees and producers in the country and abroad in the genre of ‘Scottish rap/hip-hop’.

This CD Release can also be heard online and downloaded FREE here: