Monday, 5 April 2010

Insight - The Pre-roll Mixtape

Here are some choice words from the man behind the magic

"Will be available for free download, out 10th April Featuring new artists, Hi iQ, Delta 9, Hoolio, Middle Man, The Elevationist and many more...

I'm just mastering the last 6 odd tracks over the next few days. Sitting with a phat sack of green so it should be done, working on a tight schedule tho. Started this project on the 20th of March. so a 3weeks album. Waiting on other peeps to get there ass to HQ has been a constant problem, i think us all on the scene are smoking too much premo, lol. Anyway, most of the production is handled by me and also all the mixing, mastering and boring stuff..

Here a preview of once of the tracks, apologies for the poor quality video, That just ain't my thing, lol