Sunday, 28 February 2010

Radio Last week

Some of you may know me and Mc Sleeze And Stoy took a trip upto Glasgow Last Weekend to visit 2 radio stations and advertise Scotland Standup 3 Mixtape and the blog, also get sleeze some shine by spittin a few bars also.

Firstly we visited Sunny Govan Radio (There is a link >)
and met up with Steg G for the Temple Of Hip Hop, which was a great interview and mainly focused on me, we were hoping to get sleeze to say some rhymes but it was all good, heres a small video for you.

We then got lost trying to find the Subcity Studios for Music Always Comes First's Show (Again theres a link >)

This show we felt alot more calm as we were aloud to swear this time, which meant we could unleash Stoy to the folks HAHA.

really enjoyed sittin in with Jay and Nity and had a tremendous laugh. i didnt really get much airtime this time but its all good, because he definetely done his thing by spitting a couple of exclusives for the show.

Also have to point out Nity Gritz done a legendary live track over Lupe Fiasco's Superstar Beat, and after falling off the beat Burst out into Freestyle.

Thanks to Steg, Jay and Nity for having us on there shows and plugging our stuff, had a great time and we will definetely be visiting again.


DJ Scuba Steve