Sunday, 24 January 2010

Madhat - Ramblin EP (Review)

I will be honest with you folks, i took at least ten minutes tryna make sense of the intro after it finally occured to me "that cunts just RAMBLIN on"

Honestly im really impressed with the fact this dude sound's so confident over the beat, his multiple syllable flippin is somethin to sit back in awe and admire.

Nice introductions to 2 other label mates on track 4 featuring Nity Gritz and Blasfimma Sinna

TRACK 5 features another experimental track from Madhat and tests his prowess with a slightly quicker tempo, and of course flawlessly, Madhat rocks that shit.

Track 6 sounds more of a mainstream track but Madhat still keeps his shit rollin and keeps flowin forever over this.

track 7 features the singing talents of Adam Holmes, you immediately feel yourself relaxing to Adam, and guess who kicks into the first verse and totally wakes you up.
the thing i love about Madhat is the fact that he can spit some hard madness over a really chilled beat and blends in so normally to it.

Track 8 - in kicks some mad hyped up track and the Mad-Hatter kicks into it with his quick bar structures, the beat is hard and heavy and melodical, i think madhat suits that syle best, first time ive heard King Response for a while as well forgot how good this dude was. well yo dawg

I enjoyed that last track, kinda chills madhat down just to finnish you off with a lyrical progression, also featuring a little bit more of Adam Holmes.

This one of my favourite releases so far this year, people should pay attention to this and take notice and adhere to this dudes skills and consistency, and maybe they will get somewhere.

Get The EP here folks

On another note though.

Madhat is the only person i know that makes the word "cunt" so accesible and im not afraid to to say " i love this cunt"


DJ Scuba Steve