Tuesday, 15 December 2009


ok people many of you will not have heard of Ratson as he only started on the rappin a couple of months ago, even i only found out literally 20 mins ago.

Some of you may know him as RooBYM an edinburgh based producer (we got summin comin soon so keep yur eyeballs peeled folks)

ok back to his rapping skills, usually as a first time mc you would expect to hear, rushing of bars, maybe slightly off-key, and a little bit less confidence as they've just started.

I'm happy to say none of that exists here as he is is a proffesional musician and if i do say so myself a talented mc and a real up and comer.

expect to hear more from him in the future peoples.


www.myspace.com/ratsonmusic - no music up yet on here as nothin is recorded but check his youtube videos.