Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Madhat - Stuck Behind The Looking Glass (Review)

haha finally got round to this

Madhat's final free download as a little teaser/taster of whats to drop soon on MCF Records

and here is my thoughts on the CD

1. Stuck Behind The Looking Glass

Cracking and fitting intro to the cd that sets the mood and gets you chilled and ready.

2. Young Man (Mad Mind)

Nice intro from madhat that leads into some dope cuts from DJ U-Turn then into a nice verse by Holmes.
Madhat really shows what he's made of here.

3. Madhat Mcgore 124

this track is completely flawless i cant find anythin wrong at all, Production by Shogun (didn't know he made beats, hell yes)
were only on track 3 and im falling in love with the flow coming out the guys mouth.

4. Walk Away

First Appearance From Riddlah and the second track ive heard that Blythe (Another MCF Signing) has featured on via an mcf records cd.
im not sure what to class the beat under genre wise though but i like the fact that he's experimented with a different sound.

5. Next Of Kin

Now this is a track that appealed to me a lot as my cousin was in hellmans province in afghanistan, and 4 of his close
friends were killed on his second trip there so this really hit home to me anyway.
Real Patrotic vibe goin on here with the braveheart sample as well, excellent.

6. All About The Beat Man (Remix)

Damn more experimental shizzle from madhat with a nice grime/bassline track here of a track im already a fan of.
I love what theyve done with this and i had this on replay about 5 times before i continued on.
I can't help feeling the actual melody coulda been a bit louder though. maybe i'm nit picking i dunno.

7. Naughty Eyes

all i can say about this is "Helfi". excellent sample behind the guys and some funny bars by all of the
4 Rapper's on this. (Madhat, Blasfimma Sinna, Werd and Wardie Burns)

8. Take A Look About
This track is on the media player at the side check it out for yourself>

9. Fall Back

The MCF Records Anthem here (maybe not officially but yes at least a contender for the anthem)
great bars from the 3 guys on this, DOPE.

10. Nothins Ever What You Expect

I was mainly looking forward to hearing this when i heard Dave Gunn was on it (Sorry Madhat)
but yes both of em rock the beat and theres a little homage to some scottish artists up in there too.

Fuck sake i've written a book here.

As a round up the album is great some experimentation with soits not just a hip hop cd its experimentalwhich i always like to see.

Now Check here for info on how to get the cd