Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The 13th Tribe - Negro (Single)

Afro/Latin/Tropical/Celtic/Hip-Hop/Dub/Roots/Rap/Ragga/Reggae/Breaks Collective featuring Vocalists,Musicians,Djs,Producers and Rappers from Glasgow to Granada,Mali to Madrid,Neasden to Nigeria,Senegal to Bangal,Cameroun to Cuba,Korea to Castlemilk,Ethiopia to Galicia,Barcelona to Bombay,Venezuela to Valencia,Trinidad to Tijuana,Haiti to Hackney,Maghreb To Motherwell,Buenos Aries To Byres Road, and Miami to Maryhill.

Some press re the track Negro;

"Negro is great - really infectious. The video reminds me of the early days of the Hac groovin with The Jazz Defektors when the Hac screens showed vids like that with b+w movie clips-
Geoff Ellis (Founder Of T In The Park,DF Concerts)

'The 13th Tribe's Negro sums up our club night in just over 205 perfect seconds' -

Huskiii (FFtang @ 93 feet East Brick lane)

"I love Negro and think it's a HIT, that youtube clip with the film you've used is a def winner. The whole vibe reminds me a lot of Belleville Rendez-vous - very cool style." -

Hobbes (Trouble, Voted in the Top 100 Clubs Worldwide - DJ magazine,Club of The Yr - Gilles Peterson)

"I really like that Video (of Negro) That was DOPE!"

Buddy Peace (Warp,Sage Francis,Anticon,Bully,Strange Famous Records,2600Recordings)

" I love it,can i submit a beat for this? "

The Apple Juice Kid (Timbaland,The Jungle Brothers,Camp Lo,Freebass 808,Fatman Scoop,7 times USA Beat Battles Champion)

Heres what some poeple think of The 13th Tribe;

'Scotlands Best Kept Secret' - Gill MIlls (iCast ,Radio 1,BBC,Channel 4,Big Brother,NME Radio)

'Hotter than a chilli-totten hottentot and Smoother than a well chilled Red Stripe....' - Calvin Bush (Melody Maker,MUZIK Magazine Staff Editor)

'Great Music.Circa '96 Rides Again,Listen And Learn!' - Charlie Dark and Tony Nwachukwu (Attica Blues-Mo Wax, CDR, BurntProgress)

'Yeah! well funky!' - Giles Peterson,Worldwide, Radio 1,Talkin Loud,Brownswood Recordings

'13t Is Scotland's secret J Dilla' - Sara Heald (Warp,Wall Of Sound,Mushroom records,Sydney Herald)

'This is Music that Soars like an Eagle'-The List

'I love the tunes.Wanya Eko is my favourite' - Skye - Morceeba

'Playing out live with 13t was one of the best live experiences of my musical career,even better than playing Wembley' - Brian Docherty (Scientific support Department,Serf-Creeping Bent Records,lloyd Cole,Orange Juice)

'13t is a genius and one of my biggest influences' - Morphy (UrbanTakeover,Nerve Recordings)

On hearing 13ts Wah Wah guitar on a track he was producing for Scottish Televison an STV producer once said;
'I thought Jimi Hendrix was Dead?'

'One of the best Club nites of the year' - Brian Murnin Clash Magazine

'Superb! Like a vocal booth full of Hospitalised Kool Keiths! Fans of Dr Octagon,The Pharcyde & Jurrassic 5 Will Love this' - Steve (Sony Records,Peoplesound)

'F*****g Ace!!!..Always Loved the Woody Bass and Strings sound.Dr Octagon compliment - *Dr Octagon's Ghost is in the air* - seconded- " The Implosion Quartet

Excellent Music Coming from the Dropzone Camp yet again


DJ Scuba Steve