Tuesday, 20 October 2009

ODG Studios

"2 Joints" Recording Session
Featuring: Jee4ce. Madhat, DeeZy, Holmes, Response, Riddlah,
Blasfimasinna and MANY MORE!!!
Produced By SHOW N PROVE


The Making of "2 Joints" featuring Jee4ce, Madhat, DeeZy, Holmes, King
Response, Riddlah, Blasfimasinna and MANY MORE!!!

Basically a wee while back we finished doing up the new ODG Studio in
some office space in Edinburgh, so to break it in we got Show N Prove
to throw a wee beat together, then we got as many MCs in Edinburgh as
we could in one day to pass through and drop a verse. (which is harder
than it sounds to organise by the way) I think the track has 10 people
in total on it, its a banger and you will hear the finished product

The studio looks a bit bare in this vid but it is up and running
properly now and is available for hire, trust me it sounds amaisin,
anyone who has recorded in it will tell you the same. If you are in
edinburgh (or anywhere really) and looking for somewhere professional
to record with people that know what they are doing get in touch, more
info here http://www.odgrecords.co.uk/