Sunday, 11 October 2009

Music Always Comes First Radio Show 10/10/09

Jay and Nity were back at it again with a thoroughly entertaining show.

This time with guest - Blasfimma Sinna


Savage Sound System And RST - East Grinssted
Spee 69 - Thru The Weed
Mog - A Little
Holmes feat Madhat - Living In A Moment
Wardie Burns feat Werd - Edinburgh Raps
Nity Gritz feat Wurrd - Fads
Perfect Practice - Credit Crunch
Madhat - Might Pass On
Blasfima Sinna - Dangerous MC
Blasfima Sinna feat Blythe - Nuthin But You

Check The Show

If you havent heard any of these shows and would have loved to have heard past shows, then look no further theyre all here

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