Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cheeens (Video)

He has just released his debut EP titled "My Miind in Rhyme" and the lead single from the release "For So Long" And The Official Video

check out the video here

On the Youtube channel "CheeensTV" you can see blogs by Cheeens on everything from Recording to tattoos to getting a baker. More blogs are to follow including behind the scenes at the video shoot etc

The entire project has been made by only two people form writing, recording, producing and releasing it was all done by Cheeens and Ekizel.

They have worked on this project for way over 2 years now and have taken the time to polish the sound and pull everything together.

You can view on youtube the original first time they recorded "For So Long" back in 2007, its changed allot since then.

The release is available at all major download websites worldwide so please search "Cheeens - my miind in Rhyme" on your favourite site.

for more info and everything else check out the websites below


(check out my myspace also for Ekizel's beats www.MySpace.com/EKIZELuk)


DJ Scuba Steve