Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wardie Burns - Swine Flu Mixtape (Free Download)

Mr Wardie Burns is riddled with swine flu and you will be too

This is his debut release from himself and its gonna hurt you BADLY

Of course you wont actually catch swine flu from the download (thats just silly)

But even if its not riddled with germs its still most defienetely SICK

01. Swine Flu (The Intro)
02. Please Forgive Me
03. Shag Yer Bird
04. Sweet Dreams Ft Deeko
05. Test Tube 32
06. Always Been A Problem
07. Rap-Man
08. Wardie Burns
09. Columbian NeckTie ft Ivory Werd
10. Big Bad World
11. Fear Of The Future
12. Reekie Bars ft Werd
13. Risin'Son
14. Never Get A Deal
15. Helfi
16. Edinburgh Raps (Swine mix)
17. 1 2 3 4
18. Im Wardie
19. In The Building ft Twisted Methods (Outro)

Wardie Burns - Swine Flu Mixtape - Download Here

Heres the video to thge second track on the mixtape PLEASE FORGIVE ME

DJ Scuba Steve