Monday, 28 September 2009

Steg G & The Freestyle Master + Guests

Steg G & The Freestyle Master with a few guests who are yet to be confirmed for a surprise gig on the the roof of the sunny govan radio roof.

Yes people i said the roof

This will be a one-off gig to welcome the many guests attending the MOBO Awards at the SECC just across the road.

so if you are attending the mobo's look out for the sounds of steg g and the freestyle master in the background and a bunch of mad lookin people on a roof, and if you enjoy authentic Scottish hip hop simply go to the sunny govan buliding and you will surely enjoy the gig.

The building is located at 249 Govan Road, Glasgow

and you gotta be there between 5 + 7pm to catch this unofficial mobo launch.

On another note

Steg And The Freestyle master will be appearing at the 13th note at the paradox's official lp launch in glasgow, also featuring Drive By Audio.

Looks to be a healthy shindig of Metal and Hip Hop together should be a messy night