Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bill Breaks - Fade To Static

Here Are Some Words From The Man Himself

Fade To Static is now available after months and months of fafflin about, I hope people havent lost interest.

Featuring remixes of KRS-One and J-Live aswell as more local acts such as The Being, evaDe poD and Holmes and a few instrumental things for the sake of it.

To order:
Send 5 to billbreakz (minus the space) and include your postage address.

Digital Download also available here:

The money made from this one will be put straight back into funding the next cd - Fade To Static: White Noise Gradients. The aim of this is not to just get people to listen to the remixes but to go out and find the originals aswell and see how bad or not ive made them sound.



Also much props to bill for the site logo, thanks man

DJ Scuba Steve