Monday, 28 September 2009

141 Glasgow Allstars

This Video was posted by the man Big Div and features 7 of glasgows most influential emcees and old skool veterans.

Sit Back And Take Notice

This track was recorded in April 2001 and released as a 12" later that year.

The emcees are (in order of appearance)...

Mista Bohze (II Tone Committee / Sentinelz)
Dan Bungladors (Course Of Procedure)
Big Div (Major Threat)
Mista Defy (II Tone Committee)
NC Epik (Sentinelz)
Chuck (Sentinelz)

Krash Slaughta
DJ I-Cue

Produced By: Mista Bohze
Engineered & Mixed By: Casual 7 (Darkroom Records)